Apply to Roperty Commercial Real Estate Loans

Apply here for most types of commercial real estate in the U.S.A., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Traditional full doc loans
Hard money and no / low doc
Bank turn downs
Acquisition, refinance or bridge
Most commercial real estate property types will be considered

Distressed Property Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

Lower LTV, higher interest loans for acquisition, refinance, or bridge in most top MSAs in the USA, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Don't lose your property, acquisition or property improvement  opportunity.

These are private loans and the check writer will meet with you in person to discuss your needs and assess the subject property. A determination is made at that time and if they want to make the loan you'll negotiate terms and time to close before the lender leaves your property.

Construction completion and PIP loans will be considered but absolutely no ground up construction with this particular loan program.  For commercial construction requests go here. 

Minimum Loan size $500,000USD with preference for loans over $1mmUSD
Typical close time 10 business days
3-4 lender points U.S.A. / 1-3 broker points - slightly higher in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
10% - 14% interest rate USA  // may be slightly higher in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
Interest Only / Typically no prepayment penalty
6 to 24 months term with negotiable extensions if required
Interest reserve can be included in loan amount 


ROPERTY Commercial Real Estate Loans